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Double Protein Combo

Double Protein Combo

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By combining ISO-PRIME Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and PRIMO WHEY Protein Concentrate (WPC), you can benefit from the fast-absorbing and high-protein content of WPI for post-workout recovery and lean muscle building, while also enjoying the versatility and cost-effectiveness of WPC for sustained protein intake throughout the day. This combo ensures you have the right protein sources to support your fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Primo Whey ISO Prime

Creamy, Delicious flavours


Grass Fed

All Natural

Protein: 22g of Quality WPC

Low Lactose, Carbs and Sugars

No Nasties

5 Mouthwatering Flavours to choose

Boasting a full amino spectrum for recovery and lean muscle gain

All Natural and Grass Fed Whey

Protein: Over 26g of Premium WPI

Under 103 Calories / Serve

Gluten Free, next to no Sugar, Fats, Lactose and no Nasties


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