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Creatine, protein and fat burner

Happy with my order from impact supplements. Protein tastes good. Fat burner and creatine doing its job. Will order from them again. A+

Primo whey

Banana split was mint, keen to shred some other flavours!

Fat Burner Magic

This fat burner worked great after my last bulk, excited to use it again, to get rid of those extra Christmasy Carbs

OG Vanilla Slice Whey

More delicious than I had ever thought it would be and it was fast shipping

Tasty and Protein Packed!!

I tried the Choc Honeycomb and Rainbow Ice Cream… and wow! These protein shakes are awesome. Not only do they taste great, but unlike other proteins (which make me feel sick after consuming), I felt great drinking them!! This is definitely my new fav protein.

Swole AF Pump Formula
Oliver Oliveros

Swole AF Pump Formula

Iconic Fat Burner (40 Serve) - Ultra Thermogenic
Oliver Oliveros
Fat burner

It’s pretty nice and a tasty

Protein powder and others

The protein powder was the only thing that was not the best but everything else was get to try


I’ve tried many whey protein isolates and this is definitely the best of them. Mixes well and the banana sundae tastes great.

Big Pump Big Focus

Love this product as i train late in afternoon and don't like using high caffeine and stimulant based pre trainers. Great pump and focus using this. Flavour was not bad at all. 9/10

Love these falvours! 🍬🍯

Finally I found a brand that makes proteins with great flavours!
My sons and I have the Choc Honey Comb and the Rainbow Ice-cream and they are our little desserts.
I also like to mix them with cooking ingredients to prepare some real desserts 🥞- my sons love them.
Last note from my younger son (13 yo): he says it feels as he's "heeling" the pain when he does work outs..
Next on my list is the Double Choc Fudge. .

I'm a convert

I don't normally use these protein supplements. I have been a long distance runner for many years, but now as I'm getting older, I want to build and maintain a bit more muscle mass. I tried the choc honeycomb after a run, and I was really impressed. It tasted great, my gut felt good, and it's based on grass fed whey protein. I loved it. I'm a convert, I'll keep it up.

OG Vanilla

Amazing taste and doesn’t feel to heavy like the other brands ! Definitely recommend!

Chocolate Crunchie =)

I ordered the Choc honeycomb whey Isolate and received my order 2 days later with a free shaker. Awesome flavour no bloat or gut issues. Will purchase again. 10/10


Absolutely love the flavour

Love it!

Appreciate the protein is grass fed, tastes great.


Such a versatile protein, mixes so well with my smoothies and oats in the morning. I love how it only has 106 calories per serve and taste god damn amazing. Definitely a forever customer.

0 stim Max pump

Big fan of this pump formula with 0 stim still gives me focus and a skin splitting pump best of all no crash and sleep comfortably after consuming

Best on the market

Best in Aus

Rainbow icecream - Winner

The best tasting whey Isolate I've tried.
Mixes well, no bloating or stomach issues.
Super clean & delicious will buy again.