Zoom Iconic - Mango Kiwi Flavour
Zoom Iconic - Mango Kiwi Flavour

Iconic - Mango Kiwi Flavour


If a tropical, fruity, refreshing sports drink is your thing - Impact Supplements Iconic Mango Kiwi is the perfect ultra thermogenic formulated drink mix for you

Iconic Ultra Thermogenic has been formulated to bring you the ultimate in Energy, Performance, and Results! Tried and tested Iconic can assist in enhancing thermogenesis. This process increases the body's core temperature, resulting in burning calories, promoting fat loss, and decreasing water retention. Iconic also contains nootropics. Which help increase cognitive function keeping you focused throughout your sessions. Cortisol (stress hormone) levels can play a major role in storing fatty deposits. Iconic has added ashwagandha, a natural herb  + theanine to level out the stimulants whilst helping promote lowering the body's cortisol levels.

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